Arm Painting


Yarn Strong Sista Consultants use a variety of both Contemporary and Traditional Stories to share our culture with both children and adults. Many different mediums are used including art work, story cards, childrens books and music.

Face painting

Children can choose from a range of Indigenous animals, tracks and symbols. These include kangaroo, echidna, possum, emu, lizard and snake to name a few! The face painter will be able to teach the children some Indigenous words for the animals, and will tell a “yarn” about the design painted on the child’s face. Red , black and yellow paints are used and children will learn the significance of colours of the Aboriginal flag.


“The Possum Hunt” Puppet Show is an interactive experience where children will hear Aunty Iris retell her childhood adventures. Iris and her brother Charlie take their billy tea and damper with them on their bush walk. The Possum Hunt Puppet Show is a contemporary story about Aboriginal culture, performed by Annette Sax, a Taungurung woman. Over the years Annette has shared this story with thousands of Victorian children across the State. Last year Aunty Iris’s story was translated by Chinese and Vietnamese teachers for children attending a Kindergarten in Richmond. During a festival, “The Possum Hunt” was shared with children and adults via sign language.


Yarn Strong Sista Consultants have attended many festivals including Moonee Valley Childrens Festival, Moomba, and The Big West Festival. Consultants have conducted face painting, storytelling, pupperty, art experiences and traditional games for both childrens and adults.

Kinder mural

Read about Annette’s visit and kinder mural at a local preschool.

For more information on our Events, Workshops and Storytelling Sessions, please email Sharon, our YSS Booking and Events Coordinator, for a detailed outline of our programs. Email:


Art Experiences

Dear Yarn Strong Sista,
My name is Isabella and I live in London. I am six years old. At school we had to choose a place in the world to do our project on. I am reading about Indigenous people of Australia. A few years ago my godmother gave me The Emu jigsaw yarn and I like it very much. Please may I have your permission to tell it to my class? We never ever hear about Indigenous people in London and I am half Australian and half Black British. I did a workshop in Melbourne with Yarn Strong Sista and my mummy. We made necklaces from feathers and leaves.
I also have finger puppets you made.
Yours truly, Isabella Osborne

The children were spell bound with Annette’s storytelling and delighted in learning how to crush ochre to make their very own paint. Thank you Annette for such an informative fun filled visit!

Samantha Greenwood,
Epping North Pre-School

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