Fay Muir

Womin djeka. Hi my name is Fay, I’d like to share a yarn with you in how my path crossed the”Yarn Strong Sista” establishment.


I started working with DHS as a Koorie Early Childhood Field Officer over 12 years ago and it was there that I first met Annette, who was also working as a KECFO.


It was a very exclusive little group of women, and a couple of men where recruited as well when positions became vacant, who were from throughout Victoria, all trying to make the experience of our kinder kids in a foreign setting more culturally friendly for them. Also at the same time give non indigenous kids and teachers a better understanding and awareness of contemporary Indigenous culture, and to show them that it could so easily be incorporated into kindergarten curriculum at no extra cost to the centres by using natural materials from their own surroundings. It was an arduous task for us but we kept plugging away and I’m certain that many teachers today, because of us, have been able to incorporate Indigenous culture into their curriculum.


Those friendships that we made over those years are still as strong as ever today.


I have now joined Annette in Yarn Strong Sista as a consultant and still see the necessity of being able to explain to teachers that Indigenous culture is a part of their everyday curriculum. The way in which our training is presented is hands on and friendly and it is exciting and rewarding to see teachers building confidence and knowledge in presenting Indigenous culture to the children in their care.


I feel that an educational consultancy like Yarn Strong Sista is very much needed in early childhood settings, to present contemporary Indigenous culture into services throughout Victoria.


It’s also rewarding for me as an Elder to see the pride in our children today, when visiting centres, and that these children can take their place in society with their heads held high.

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